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So one of the fans on my computer has started to make a grinding sound.  It's stopped for now, but I've been through enough computers to know that usually that's a sign that it will be nearing its end fairly soon.  That is if dusting the inside doesn't work.  I haven't cracked open the case on the bad boy since I got it over two years ago.  But either way, it's over two years old which is positively ANCIENT for a computer.

Knowing that I probably won't be nearly as lucky as I was the last time (the motherboard fried on the last one, but the hard drive was fine.  I was able to pull it out and stick it on a front docking bay of the new computer and grab everything off of it) I pulled all my pertinent Devereaux files (neighborhoods, downloads, chapters, drabbles) and put it all on a 16GB thumb drive which is on my keychain.

So now I'm looking at this fairly small thing and realizing that over four years of work is on it and I sort of feel like this:

How can something so small hold so much, you know?  Ah, the age we live in.  I remember back in THE day when I was backing up all my CC files on 700 MB CDs.

That is all.  Just thought I'd share :)
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Seriously.  OMG.

Who has two thumbs and just finished filming her chapter after an appalling five month unofficial hiatus?

*points thumbs to herself*

This girl.

90/205 slides written.

That is all.  *\o/*

Thank God for Myshuno!

Thanks to Myshuno, 3 of the 24 drabbles I wrote have been copy and pasted directly into the next chapter (with some minor revisions due to staging).  It came to about 50 slides.  Granted, the chapter will be somewhere around 200 slides but, still, it's not too shabby.

I was so pleased that I decided to start filming those scenes.  You know, seeing as they're already written and all :)

Here, have a picture.

You can probably guess which scene that's from :)

Myshuno Prompt #24 Blackout!

Title: The Haunted Bedroom
Prompt: Thunderstorm
Characters: Simon and Eden Devereaux
Rating: PG-13
Summary: On a stormy night, seven year old Simon recalls a ghost story and goes to confront his fear.
Notes: Myshuno Prompt #24 provided by katrisims (Spoils events in the next chapter-referred to in my previous post-and is generally spoilery for Simon's arc and characterization,)
Word Count: 1365

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Myshuno Prompt #23

Prompt: If Quinn had married Emily.
Characters: Quinn Devereaux and Emily Smith
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Everything is perfect in Emily's world.
Notes: Myshuno Prompt #23 provided by tatdatcm  And this is very spoilery.  So very spoilery. (This might not be exactly what the prompter was looking for, but this is the only thing that came to mind.)
Word Count: 700

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