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The Very Secret Diary of peasant007
Devereaux Legacy Sims 
1st-Apr-2009 10:00 am

I regathered all of my in game made sims, stripped them of most of their CC and all of their default replacements and have placed them up for download on 4shared, so they don't get culled. Thanks to PB for recommending that site.

Under each of their pictures, I've included their stats, aspirations and such, and I give recommendations on how to dress them. I think Xander is the only file that doesn't include his hair, so I'll give the link to that under his profile. I've also included a notepad document with each rar file with credits to the CC makers as well as their stats and stuff again so you don't have to look it up here.

My last couple of chapters had Lyran Default skin replacements and some eye replacements that I have no idea where they came from. Personally, if you use different defaults, or just want them to use regular Maxis, I don't care. But the package files are stripped of their own defaults.

As for their clothing, I tried to keep all of them in Base Game clothing, because if you're downloading sims, that implies that you at least have the base game :) They have winterwear assigned to them, though. Not that any of their winterwear is CC. Obviously if you have a themed neighborhood or family, then feel free to dress them as such.

*Sims are not in "nice EA installer" files.  They are the actual Sim package file with their corresponding meshes.  Just put them into your downloads folder, and they should be fine*

I also tell who my sims married, but seeing as they(with the exception of one) married townies, the descriptions are just there to complete their brief biographies. None of who they married is canon, especially if you're planning on marrying my sims into your own game.

I will continue to edit this post as I get more sims born in the game :) 

Devereaux Main Line:

Generation One

Here is Joshua Devereaux, the founder to this Legacy. I thought I was being original when I came up with the concept that the founder would hate me. I TITLED my legacy after that thought. God, I was so totally wrong, and now I'm stuck with a rather stupid sounding Legacy Story name.

Anyway, Josh is a face one blonde haired GREEN eyed sim. Because of my defaults (where the light colors are hard to distinguish) I thought I was giving him blue eyes. Meh, oh well. He's self centered, says "RUE" a lot, and writes in his diary that he named "Bob". Is he that bad in the actual game? No, he's rather boring and completely average, as was my intent when I created him in CAS. He married the face one, blonde haired dormie from SSU who wears the pink one sleeved shirt and plaid skirt.

Clothing recommendations: Preppy. I don't know what expansion pack had his regualr outfit, so if you don't have it, then a nice sweater and jeans will do just fine. If you even want to download him. He's just in here for contnuity.

Joshua Devereaux:
Knowledge/Family (If you have Free Time)

Generation Two:

Ansley became heiress only because I didn't want to have the hassle of running heir polls (that people probably wouldn't vote on) and I decided at the spur of the moment that first born (regardless of their gender) will inherit the legacy. Ansley is very much a Fortune Sim and it has caused a lot of problems in the family due to her neglect. Because of that neglect, the Legacy churned out a villain in the form of her daughter, Lillian. Ansley has since reformed...but she still likes expensive and pretty things.

Ansley's hair is from Nouk, (credit link: http://www.noukiesims2.net/Nouk/noukhair.htm) The hair is included in her package file.

Clothing recommendations: Tasteful makeup and preppy clothes. Her clothes are Maxis made, but I don't know which expansion pack it came with. I want to say FT. Either way, a nice shirt and skirt will also suit her fine. She doesn't have her regular makeup or eyebrows in her file, but again, something tasteful will do just as well. Ansley married a Night Life townie, the one with the blue shirt open to his navel, tight white pants, and silver chains. I agreed with her that his clothes were terrible, so obviously they got changed.

Ansley Devereaux:
8/2/10/10/5 (she's a total Tub Pirater)
Wealth/Romance (if you have FT)

Generation Three:

Sebastian became heir after his older sister was disowned for becoming an evil witch (and thus breaking my who inherits rule one generation after I made it). Though he's rather outgoing, his seriousness makes him awkward, especially in the romance department. He stepped up to the plate and became the family's new heir with little trouble...at first. His sister is finding new ways to make his life miserable, and even went as far as poisoning his first wife, Tristen, who thus was killed. Tristen was the red haired (dye job) SSU cheerleader. Sebastian is on the road to recovery though, and has found someone new, Tribebohemian's SimSelf (she writes "The Victorians: A Legacy http://www.forums.boolprop.com/viewtopic.php?f=163&t=37512. Her SimSelf was culled from the exchange, so I can't put her link here.)

Clothing recommendations: Business casual. His original outfit is from OFB, so if you don't have that expansion pack, then a nice button down shirt and slacks will also do just as well. I don't know where his glasses came from, so his file just has regular Maxis ones.

Sebastian Devereaux:
Knowledge/Popularity (if you have FT)

Generation Four:

Mary, the generation four heiress, has been obsessed with being perfect; so much so, that she created the three P's in life to live by: Perky, Pretty, Perfect.  Because of the rule that the first born is the one who inherits, she 'won' the title, despite being born an hour before Miles and was born from Sebastian.  As of this time, she does not know that.  For all her perfection obsession, she has chosen to marry Goopy GilsCarbo, who in my mind reminds me of "The Todd" from *Scrubs*

Clothing recommendations:  Something pretty and classic.  Her original outfit is from Nightlife, but if you don't have that expansion, a blue dress with flowers or something along those lines will be fine.  The makeup she wears is all base game.  Her hair is made by Nouk and is included in the file.

Mary Devereaux:

Generation Five:

Eden officially marks the halfway point of my legacy (and seeing as I have a rather short attention span, that is cause for celebration).  Actress, singer, dancer, her name has constantly been in the headlines, particularly the nasty gossip websites.  She's the first Romance Sim in my game that I actually allowed to have more than just her intended husband as a lover.  She achieved both the 20 WooHoo want as well as the 20 Simultaneous Lovers want.  She's a very sweet girl who has a nag for a mother.  In my game, her husband is Rhys Fitzhugh.  So, obviously, you don't need to hook her up with him in your own mini-verse, especially since he might already be with someone else in yours (he is f***ing everywhere, after all, lol.)

Clothing recommendations:

I dress her in red as that's what I typically dress my Romance Sims in.  Her outfits have been varied due to the fact that she's always doing some social event.  At home, something classic, simple yet stylish should suffice.

Eden's hair, eyebrows and makeup is included in her download file.  Your usual suspects (Nouk, Bruno, etc.) for the credits.

Eden Devereaux:



Lewis Line:

Generation Two:

Savannah Devereaux Lewis was originally meant to be an unplayed spare until I realized that I needed a third generation Greek House placeholder. So this Romance Sim was not only forced to get married, but she was also forced to have a child as well. It turned out that both she and her husband Merlin (SSU Drama Professor) were such fake Romance sims; they loved their child and grandchild very much, despite all protestations against domestic life. Her only regret is that she didn't get enough Public WooHoo.

Savannah's hair is from Nouk (credit link: http://www.noukiesims2.net/Nouk/noukhair.htm) and it is included in her package file. None of her dark makeup is, though.

Clothing recommendations: Trashy with lots of pink and red. I always mark my Romance Sims with that color. The same would go for her makeup. Lots of bright red and heavy makeup, and Savannah will think she's ready to WooHoo with the town. Public WooHoo, preferably.

Savannah Devereaux Lewis:
Romance/Wealth (if you have FT)

Generation Three:

Xander is the guy who made me love this spare line. He's even more of a fake Romance Sim than his parents, but the strut works well on him. Finger gunner, naked hottubber, mean "I hate you" fist pounds and facial expressions, this kid is TOTALLY awesome. (He says TOTALLY a lot. He's such a surfer boy). Xander made the decision that he wanted to get married and have a kid, despite his aspiration, because he thought his parents raised him very well. He married another SSU Drama Professor, thus solidifying the tradition that his line will marry their Professors (no matter what their major is).

WARNING:  Xander does not have his normal hair in his file!  Because it was originally a paysite hair, I didn't include it.  And the original site that had it closed down and the Booty's link doesn't work anymore.  BUT, simgaroop did a recolor of it and included the mesh!

His hair link:  TOTALLY!

Clothing recommendations: Surfer Boy. His orignal outfit is from BV, I think, but beach party clothes will also work out well for him.

Xander Lewis:
Romance/Popularity (if you have FT)

(If you can't find him, he might be in the University CAS)

Generation Four:

Aviendha's is rather tomboyish and very foul mouthed (actually, most of her swears are made up, but she's scolded for the intent to use bad language). She is an exact replica of her father, so he calls her "Mini-Me".  In my game, her one true hobby is art.  As of this time, she has broken the tradition of marrying professors and has instead decided to marry Ashley Pitts, one of the Sim State Pre-Mades.

Aviendha's hair is a Haelen recolor of an XM Sims hair. I got it off the exchange (because at some point, I downloaded Julia Caesar from the 10 Caesars Legacy), so I don't know the exact link. The hair is included in her package file.

Clothing recommendations: Tomboy. Faded jeans, artsy shirt. Whatever.

Aviendha Lewis:
Family/Romance (if you have FT)

Generation Five:

Laurana Lewis is the first character born to the Lewis family that wasn't Romance on either her primary aspiration or secondary aspiration.  Shy, mean, awkward about dating and socializing in general she is one of my more amusing Sims in my game (I love newspaper thieves, what can I say).  She was very close to becoming an asexual character until she met Vaughn Fitzhugh, who broke through those barriers as much as she tried to fight against it.

Clothing recommendations:

I dress her in very warm tones.  Something conservative, preferably a skirt, would suit her best.

All of Laurana's hair, makeup, eyebrows, freckles, and glasses are included in her file.

Laurana Lewis:

Misc. Devereaux Spares:

Generation Two:

*sigh* Aylee. She's not very active in my game, and she was a totally unexpected alien because Josh managed to get one over on me before he hit elder. I put her through college, but I made the mistake of giving her a weird speech pattern (inspired by Prince Goth from Toast's "Ugothlacy") but I really haven't done anything with her. Maybe someone will want to pay more attention to her? I removed her default Alien skin replacement, so you can use your own, or let her be green. I'm not married to her default, and I wish I had removed it before she was born. But as I said before, she was unexpected.

I want to say that Aylee's hair is another Nouk hair, or it's from MTS2. It's from a free site, so it's included in her package file.

Clothing recommendations: Funky. The weirder, the better.

Aylee Devereaux:
Pleasure/Knowledge (if you have FT)

Generation Three:

Just looking at her picture makes me shudder. Lillian really lives up to her 1 nice point in her facial expressions. So, here she is, my Legacy Villain and probably one of the more interesting characters in my story (aren't villains always?). Lillian was originally supposed to be the third generation heiress, earning almost all of the college scholarships. But at the last minute, she was disowned for becoming an evil witch. It turns out that Josh's "evil training" paid off, once again getting one over on me before he died. She, of course, has vowed revenge against her family. She's crazy. She's manipulative. She's unpredictable. She's baaaad. Perhaps people would like to run her through an asylum challenge? Or even funnier, a Bachelorette challenge? LOL.

In my game, I have the witch skin replacement so her skin isn't green. I had to make a copy of her in another neighborhood and strip her of her green skin that was appearing in CAS. So, she's green skin clean and not flagged as a witch, so people who don't have AL can use her without any problems.

Lillian's hair is once again from Nouk (credit link: http://www.noukiesims2.net/Nouk/noukhair8.htm) and is included in her package file. Her makeup is rather subtle.

Clothing recommendations: Dark and gothic. How else would an outright, self proclaimed villain dress?

Lillian Devereaux:
4/10/9/4/1 (yeah, she's a finger gunner and naked hottubber, lol)
Family/Wealth (if you have FT)

Edit:  Lillian's got a new kick ass look, so I created a new upload of her.  She has a ton of CC and I suspect her choker will flash blue, but I got most of it from GoS.  Her hair, I want to say, is a store download that I got from MATY.  Hopefully it will work.

Her new file is here:

Lillian 2.0

Generation Four:

Would someone like to adopt Zane? His mother is rather oppressive and does not let him really even see the light of day. He desperately wants love, attention, and approval and his mother doesn't give him that. He's so sad and lonely.

Zane's file is of him as a child, with the specific intent for people to download him and put him in the adoption pool. He really needs a better home than where he currently is.

I have no idea where his hair came from, it gives me no information when I hover over it in Body Shop. It is included in his package file, but if it's from a paysite, please let me know so I can change his file.

Clothing recommendations: None, really. He's uploaded in an average kid outfit, not his regular medieval one (from MTS2). Lillian just makes him dress that way because it matches her outfit. I am sure he would be positively thrilled if someone dressed him in some playclothes!

Zane Devereaux:
5/5/5/4/9 (though Lillian encouraged his Playfulness down to 3 because she's oppressive).

Miles Devereaux is the child of Sebastian and Kitty (Tribebohemian's SimSelf).  He is a bit more relaxed compared to his sister and isn't resentful at all that he didn't get to inherit the family.  Of course, at this time, he doesn't know that he is technically the 'legit' child as he thinks that he and Mary are actual twins.  Miles is happily going to marry my and my husband's virtual daughter, Amelia.

Clothing recommendations:  Don't dress him like a slob is pretty much the only request on that.  Trendy, but not overly so.  Emo/Punk/Goth/Wrist Slitter isn't really up his alley either.  His skin is a custom skin made by Nouk, but his file is a standard S4 skintone, just in case people don't want to bother with the shiny skintone.

Miles' hair is made by Hysterical Paroyxsym, but it is NOT included in the file.  Here is the link to his hair:  http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=152570

Miles Devereaux

Generation Five:

Karen Worthington Landgraab: Love child of Tina Traveller and Goopy GilsCarbo-Devereaux (not that she knows this).  Adoptive daughter of Frances J. Worthington III and Malcolm Landgraab IV, and someone of great, fatherly interest to Zane Devereaux is spoiled and flailing.  She's already made one wrong choice in men (Thaddeus) and she has a penchant for partying.  Karen is actually very vulnerable underneath her mean exterior.

Clothing recommendations:

Funky is right up her alley.  In fact, most of the clothes from GoS would suit her fine.

All of Karen's hair and makeup is included in her file.

Karen Worthington Landgraab
Pleasure Seeker/Popularity


Here is me. I'm peasant007 (lowercase P is intentional, as is the 007 part, and it's not because I really wanted the name peasant but someone else took it so I had to add numbers to it. There is story behind it!). But, you can call me Ang, or Angela.

Yes, I had another makeover. The shirt mesh is from MTS2 and is recolored by me with an Order of the Stick picture on it (If you can't read her shirt in the game, it says: "Your approval fills me with shame." I actually, in real life, own this shirt). Her hair, I believe is from XM Sims. Everything, with the exception of her glasses, is included in her package file.

Angela SimSelf:
Pleasure/Family (if you have FT)
Turn Ons/Offs: Brown Hair & Fitness. No Zombies!

If you aren't going to marry me to a hot Legacy Spare (I promise I won't tell my husband), then you can marry me to my RL husband's SimSelf, Keith. He doesn't play the game, but he is very patient with my ramblings and babblings, so he deserves to get a mention.

Keith's clothing is also from MTS2, and the shirt is another Order of the Stick recolor made by me (It says: "Your d12 cries itself to sleep." And the d4 is calling the d12 a loser. I also, in real life, own this shirt). Everthing, with the exception of his glasses is included in his package file, though his hair was set to a Base Game style.

Keith SimSelf:
Turn Ons/Offs: Red Hair & Makeup. No Zombies!


Amelia is the virtual daughter of my simself and my husband's simself.  She accidentally befriended the Devereaux and Lewis families when I had no intention of her ever meeting them.  She had fallen in love with Miles, the fourth generation spare, and has opted out of immortality to be able to marry him.

Clothing recommendations:  Stylish, nothing sloppy or too revealing though (she may be virtual, but no daughter of mine will dress like a hussy!).  I have no idea where her eyes came from, so they are not included in the file.  Her hair is made by Nouk and IS included.

Amelia SimSelf


Generation Five:

Rose Devereaux, granddaughter to Keith and my Simself, granddaughter to Kitty's (Tribebohemian) Simself and daughter to Miles and Amelia.  She's a lot of fun to have around.  She has a little bit of a mouth on her, but I am led to believe that her attitude was inherited from my insolent Sim daughter.  It has nothing to do with Keith's Pants Embargo, I swear!

In my game, with the last rebuild, I messed up her eye color, but her file has the correct green color.  She also like girls.

Clothing recommendations:

Casual but stylish.  I dress her in jeans, boots, and a flowing tank top.

Rose Devereaux:

All of Rose's hair and makeup is included in her file.


Let me know if you use any of my sims so I can check your story out!  Also, if you have any problems with the files, let me know so I can see what i can do about fixing them for you.

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