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The Very Secret Diary of peasant007
Myshuno 2014 Prompt #1 
7th-Oct-2014 12:44 am
Prompt: Banned Books
Characters: Rhys and Eden
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Rhys is very upset.
Notes: I'm so, so, so rusty at writing for these two (and writing in general) so please forgive any awkwardness.
Word Count: 364

My Card


"Those censoring ASSHOLES!" Rhys screamed as he slammed the bedroom door.

Eden raised her eyebrow and looked at him but didn't say anything.

He glowered at her. "This is the part where you're supposed to ask, 'What censoring assholes, darling husband of mine?'"

She bit her lip to hide her smile. "I'm sorry, Rhys. What censoring assholes, darling husband of mine?"

"That's better. My books are being banned. BANNED. Can you believe it?"

"Your Fifty Shades of Green books?"

"No, Ede, my sequel to War and Peace," he responded sarcastically,"Of course my Fifty Shades books!"

She rolled her eyes. "Rhys, if you're going to be like that--"

"Eeede," he drew out her name as he flopped himself onto the bed. "Can you please, please, please be supportive? I don't ask for much, you know?"

"Oh, no, you really don't." When she saw that her sarcasm was lost on him she asked, "So who is banning your books?"

"Pleasantview Prep."

"'Pleasantview Prep' as in the preparatory school? The place for kids?"

"Do you know of another Pleasantview Prep?"

"No, that's why I was asking."

"They said that it was 'inappropriate for children under the age of eighteen to read.' Can you believe the nerve of some people?"

The absurdity of his disbelief was more than Eden could handle and she threw her head back with a laugh. "Rhys! It's a sexually graphic BDSM smut novel! Of course the schools are going to frown upon the kids reading about those sort of things at such a young age. It's not like the entire world is demanding that your books be pulled off the shelves and burned."

When she was done laughing, he let out a long suffering sigh. "I'm glad you think this is funny." After a moment his face brightened. "But you know what this means? It means I'm a controversial author! I'm like Mark Twain! Oh man! I'm awesome!"

"I will have to say that one of the most awesome things about you is that after twenty-five years of marriage, you still make me laugh," she said before she broke down into giggles.

He grinned widely. "That's right. I'm the full package, baby."


7th-Oct-2014 03:18 pm (UTC)
LOL! Of course Rhys would be upset that ANYONE would have the nerve to ban his books. Yep...like Mark Twain...or something like that! ;)
8th-Oct-2014 11:23 am (UTC)
Oh Rhys.
9th-Oct-2014 11:34 pm (UTC)
Lots of laughing, and a bit of spluttering and full frontal giggling.

Thanks for that! :D
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