peasant007 (peasant007) wrote,

The RL difference between Family and Pleasure

Keith: Okay, with about 5 weeks left until the baby is born, we need to start thinking about what you need to pack in your overnight bag.

Ang:  *sigh* I'm bored with Guild Wars 2.  What video game should I play now?

Keith:  By the way, I bought a new end table and a cool cubby thing for Lilly's room.  I'm going to go assemble it now.  Aren't these pink drawers for the cubby thing cute?

Ang:  Hmmm...Star Wars: The Old Republic?  Nah.  I'm not really feeling it.

Keith:  Oh, and here's my pager number for when I'm at work so you don't have to worry about my being in an area at the university where I have no phone reception.  You know, in case you go into labor when I'm at work.

Ang:  Ooooo...A new Sims 3 expansion pack?  I think I'll download that!  And then take a nice, hot bubble bath while it's downloading.  Yeah, that sounds great!

I wish this were an exaggeration.
Tags: randomness, real life
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