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Myshuno Prompt #1: Rhys' First Grey Hair

Title:  You're So Vain
Prompt: Rhys' First Grey Hair
Characters: Rhys and Eden
Rating: Uh PG-13?  R?  It's Rhys.  He's pissed, so he has a very foul mouth.
Notes: Myshuno Prompt #1 given to me by leilia
Word Count: 460


Eden looked up from the book she was reading and saw that Rhys was, once again, gazing at himself in the hand mirror he constantly toted around. However, instead of kissing, or popping a finger gun at his reflection, his face was screwed up in an expression of both anger and dismay.

"So that's where Erin gets that face from," she said with a smile.







He dropped his mirror and it hit the floor with a small thump as he rushed over to her side of the bed where she was laying. "Look!" he said, pointing at his hair.

She raised an eyebrow. "Your hair? What about it? It looks fine."

"NO! Everything is the complete opposite of 'fine!' My life as I know it is over! I'm ooooooooollllld!" He leaned over her and thrust the side of his head in her face. "See? See? That's what I'm talking about!"

She leaned forward and squinted her eyes. After a moment she sighed. "Sweetie, what am I looking at?"

"That fucking gigantic grey hair! How can you possibly miss it?"

She looked again. "Rhys, I see some blond hairs in there. You've been spending a lot of time outside, so I can see--"

"No! Those are fucking awesome. Those can stay. Loooooooooook!"

She shook her head and, not for the first time, wondered why she humored him so much. And then she saw it. That one lone hair. "Oh."

He straightened himself with a huff. "'Oh?' 'OH?' That's all you can say? Oh my God! Do you know what this means?"

"Rhys, it's actually more white than grey--"

"That doesn't make it better! That actually makes it worse!" His voice was almost shrill.

Eden shook her head. "It happens. I've been dying my hair for the last couple of years now to cover the greys that I have. It's not that big of a deal. You can either pluck it out or you can start dying your hair like I do. We're not twenty years old anymore. And it's only one. It's not like you're going grey in other areas, right?"

She had always heard the phrase 'the blood drained from their face' but she had never actually witnessed it until that very moment. Before she could say anything else, Rhys ran to their bathroom. After a moment, she heard him gasp loudly. "Oh my God! OH MY GOD! NonononononononoNONONONONONONONO!" She then heard the buzzing of his electric shaver. She bit her lip in amusement. Well, she thought to herself, he had mentioned recently that he needed to 'trim the lawn.'

She covered her face with her hands and let out a very small snort of laughter.

Tags: devereaux legacy, drabbles, myshuno, rhyden
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