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2013 Myshuno! Card

I don't know how well I'll do this year since my pregnancy will be (finally) over at the end of November.  My goal is to try and write one prompt a day for the month of October, but that's my goal every year and it never pans out.

I tried very hard to pick at least one prompt from each person, but some of them just didn't jump out at me (sorry to the two people who prompted "Road Trip," I just drew a blank).  After picking one from each person, I went back through and chose more to fill out my card.

As a side note:  I am so very flattered that people have prompted me with Rhys specific prompts.  Even after, what?  Three years of writing him?  I still very much recognize him as Marina's character.  So I am tickled pink that people like what I've done with him (and believe me, some of the non-Rhys specific prompts will still involve him and Eden.  I have some very amusing ideas churning in my head).

Looking forward to starting tomorrow!
Tags: devereaux legacy, drabbles, myshuno
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