peasant007 (peasant007) wrote,

On Vacation

It was Keith's birthday this past Sunday (his 40th!) and he always takes one of his (multiple) weeks of vacation during the week of his birthday.  So seeing as I have Keith mostly to myself and I can convince him to stay up way past his bedtime, we are concentrating on playing our shiny video game.

Regularly scheduled programming (ie: responding to comments, working on the RR, thinking/doing anything involving the Sims and its community) will resume on Monday.

Have a nice week :)

EDIT:  Because Real Life sucks and there was apparently a bombing in Boston, I realized my picture of the cliched "guys walking slow-mo away from an explosion" would be viewed as rather ill timed and insensitive.  My apologies.  Have a badly edited picture of Lyl'lian the "good guy" looking all evil and stuff.
Tags: randomness, real life, shiny
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