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Gee, I wonder why Rhys scares Puck...

Every time.  Every.  darn. time I have Puck and Rhys in the same room, Rhys the Sim gives Puck this look.

(These pictures are from Puck and Erin's real, in game wedding, filmed over a year ago.)

I thought maybe I was just fortunate enough to get the most perfect moment caught when I had paused the game.  But as I was filming today, I noticed that he STILL would give Puck a look.

Wherever Puck moved, Rhys' head would whiplash and he would STARE at the poor boy (you know, when Rhys wasn't too busy heart farting Eden and smiling when he wasn't supposed to be).

So I've determined that this is what it feels like to Puck:

I also just noticed today why this is: Rhys only has 4 relationship points with Puck (whereas, funny enough, Puck has 17 with Rhys).

So yeah, THIS is where the entire "Puck is intimidated by Rhys" bit comes from.  To clarify, in the story, Rhys doesn't dislike Puck.  In fact, he probably doesn't give him much thought.  It's just that PUCK is very intimidated by the "scary man."

As an added note, I've decided that while I SHOULD sign up for SimStoCreMo to support the sim_spiration community, I've decided against it.  The last two years that I participated, I didn't make my goals.  When I publicly declare goals, something inside me rebels and I go past my deadlines.  Instead, I think I'll just bop merrily along with my vague goal of updating about every other month to MAYBE once a month and call it good *nods*

That's all from me.  Back to filming!

Edit to add: News on the grinding fan front!  Turns out that one of my CPU fans is starting to crap out, so Keith ordered a new one.  Fortunately (from what Keith said) because my computer is a gaming rig, there are multiple fans running specifically so video cards and such don't overheat while playing such taxing games as The Sims 2 (and other, more graphically intense games that Skynet rarely plays and is probably quite resentful about it).  So if the fan craps out before the replacement arrives, I won't have to worry about it frying my computer *\o/*
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