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The Very Secret Diary of peasant007
29th-Dec-2014 04:25 pm - Zane's Adventures in South Park
Zane Creepy Smile
Just because I haven't updated my legacy or posted much about my Sims doesn't mean that they aren't far from my mind.  If anything, they provide me with ideas and concepts for character creation in other games.

This game was South Park: The Stick of Truth.  The game is pretty quick as far as games go.  It takes maybe twelve hours to beat and I had already played through once before.  Being terribly amused by it and wanting to try out a different class, I decided to play through again using Zane.  Underneath the cut are a bunch of screencaps from the game.  I'll try not to be too spoilery about the plotline, which even surprised me in the end.

The game is super offensive seeing as it's South Park.  They have never held back when it comes to making fun of EVERYTHING.


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By the way, Merry Holidays from Lilly, who is now 13 months old!

ETA: Sorry for misspellings and typos. Live Journal refused to spell check :/ They aren't even trying anymore, are they?
7th-Oct-2014 12:44 am - Myshuno 2014 Prompt #1
Prompt: Banned Books
Characters: Rhys and Eden
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Rhys is very upset.
Notes: I'm so, so, so rusty at writing for these two (and writing in general) so please forgive any awkwardness.
Word Count: 364

My Card

"I'm like Mark Twain!"Collapse )

2nd-Oct-2014 12:53 pm - Myshuno! Card for 2014

I made sure to pick at least one from everyone who prompted me and then I pulled some from the general prompt pool.

Just a heads up: a cursory glance at these prompts tells me that there's going to be a lot of Rhys + Eden and Zane + Cassandra.  Oh, and spoilers.  Quite a few spoilers.  At least one big, huge, major one that a lot of you might have picked up on when I made that Facebook Ripoff movie for my legacy.

Anyway...I guess we'll see how I do this year :)
1st-Oct-2014 10:43 am - My Apologies :(
I had signed up for Myshuno this year and while I do intend on making a laughable attempt at winning this year, I want to apologize for not prompting anybody.  Embarrassingly, I completely forgot about it (and have yet to even make a card) and I lost track of the dates.

In other words, holy shit!  It's October already?!
Puck and Erin

Prompt: "Privacy?  What's That?" smoothiesims
Characters: Puck, Erin, Eden, Rhys
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Poor Puck is being traumatized again.
Word Count: 803
Notes: I wrote this a while back for Myshuno! 2013, but for whatever reason I didn't publish it, probably because I wasn't anywhere near getting a Myshuno! let alone a Blackout.  But I figured I'd still share it with you guys now :)

"Why is it so crowded? I can barely get in here."Collapse )


I do intend on writing about everything that happened during my labor with Lilly (seriously, some nightmarish crap went down), but I'm actually feeling a tad bit creative today. So I figured I'd write up some Myshuno prompts. I probably won't get Blackout, but that's not really my aim at the moment.

Instead, seeing as I have NO IDEA when I'll be getting back to my Devereaux family, I decided to write up all the spoilery type prompts in one go, especially seeing as most of them that ARE spoilery would be coming up in the next update or two anyway (if I recall correctly). No kidding. The next update has plot points that I've been planning FOREVER. Besides, it'll be nice to have this stuff pre-written for when I do get back into the swing of things.

So, as a heads up, I might be a bit spammy with Myshuno prompts over the next couple days.

Oh, and I suppose I should mention that everyone is fine, the baby is healthy, and I'm recovering...slowly. But I'm recovering. Best of all, Lilly is on a nice three hour schedule, which allows me to write :)

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